FR Pax Earns $60K Payout For Scalded Crotch

Open Jaw

A Ryanair passenger has won a $60,000 settlement from the airline after claiming his crotch was scalded by a flight attendant who spilled boiling tea.


Ronald Furlong, 33, said he had to take off his pants in the aisle of the plane after the incident in August 2012 so he could treat the injury. (The story doesn’t mention exactly how he treated the wound.)


The hot drink was said to have been spilled on his lap as it was being passed to another passenger, scalding his groin, abdomen and genitals, the Irish Times reported.


Furlong, who brought the case to the Irish Circuit Civil Court, claimed the flight attendant had failed to deliver the hot drink with a lid. He said the resulting burn “interfered” with his social, domestic and recreational lifestyle.


FR prepared a defence denying the claims, saying Furlong had spilled the drink on himself, by not paying attention and acting carelessly. But a hearing this week revealed the claim had been settled with a payout.

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