This Man Will Not Lose His Suitcase

Open Jaw

Do you ever have trouble telling your bag apart from others as they roll out on the conveyor belt?

The man in the accompanying photo never has that problem, as his ‘selfie suitcase’ is adorned with his own image.

People seem to like the idea – the photo posted on Imgur with the caption “The best way to never lose luggage” has earned some 3.5 million views.

Many agreed with the caption, though some pointed out that it only goes so far: “That won’t stop the airline from shipping it to the wrong airport,” one person wrote.

Of course many of the commenters go off topic, with a large number focused on the man’s sartorial selection of white socks and sandals.

Others seemed to slightly miss the point: “So, where can I get luggage with this guy on it?” wrote one commenter.

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