10 Bizarre Things Pax Have Done To Avoid Bag Fees

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Airline pax love to grumble about the add-on fees that have become commonplace when flying. Especially high on that list are checked-luggage charges now in place at most carriers.

There are ways to avoid paying those fees. Flyers could earn elite status with their preferred carrier. Or they could apply for an airline credit card that comes with waivers for fees. Some, however, turn to more unorthodox measures after arriving at the airport.

European low-cost carrier Norwegian Air decided to shine a spotlight on the latter, revealing some of the “most bizarre” things its pax have done to avoid paying fees to check a bag.

The airline queried ground staff at its LGW hub on the subject using their responses to compile the top 10 list.

For the record, Norwegian Air allows pax to bring a small personal item at no charge. Beyond that, one carry-on is also permitted, but it cannot exceed 22 lb. on the airline’s lowest fares. As for checked-bag fees, they vary by route. They range from €9 for a 1st checked bag on short routes to €66 on long-haul overseas routes.

Here is DY’s full top 10 list of bizarre pax attempts at avoiding checking-in hand baggage:


1. One pax wore 3 pairs of pants, with a pair of shoes stuffed in the jacket pockets

2. Another decided to give up his bag and asked for it to be donated to charity

3. A bereaved pax asked for leniency as they were carrying a beloved pet’s ashes in their bag

4. Another tried to bribe gate staff with newly bought chocolates from duty free

5. A passenger refused to comply by repeating “Me no speak any English”

6. 2 pairs of jeans were doubled up and worn as a “double denim” scarf

7. A passenger claimed their bag contained fragile antique pottery and had to be carried on

8. A man wore 2 layers of suits

9. No money: a passenger insisted their credit card was maxed out

10. Another wore 2 winter coats and tied 3 (sweaters) around their waist

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