Man Proposes To Girlfriend By Text During 50 Hr. Flight Delay

Open Jaw

As Open Jaw’s Deviations wind up another weird and wacky year, we thought it would be nice to go out on a happy note. It’s important to remember there are happy stories in the world of travel. Not every airline passenger is a “weird, shirtless grunter,”and very few flight attendants turn tricks in the sky.


So here’s a nice story. Or rather a nice ending to a spirit crushing 50 hr. flight delay.


Danny Roderique was stuck in an ORD terminal for that interminable length of time this week as he was en route to PHX to ask his long-time girlfriend to marry him.


After nearly 2 days of delay due to nasty weather, Roderique decided he couldn’t wait any longer. So he decided to propose by text rather than in person.


Roderique pulled his phone out, took a picture of the ring he had purchased and wrote to his love on Facebook Messenger. He said:


“Marry me. Took me hours to pick this ring out none of them were good enough for you.”


The quick response:


“OMG!!!!!! You serious?!?!? Baby YES!!!!! I’m balling [sic] my eyes out right now. OMG!”


Text breakups are pretty lame, but in this case, a text proposal was a pretty cool idea. A little deviant, perhaps, but in a good way.

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