Women In China Compete For Flight Attendant Jobs – In Bikinis

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Around 1,000 candidates below the age of 25 were recently paraded onstage in swimwear in the hopes of landing an ‘air hostess’ job.

The annual competition organized by modelling agency Oriental Beauty helps airline recruiters source "talent" where high school graduates compete for roles as models or cabin crew. Besides having bikini bodies, the entrants have to be young, at least 5’5” "elegant, slim, have sweet voice and have no scars in the exposed part of their skin", according to  Oriental Beauty's website.

Women who were 5’5” would be considered if they were supremely beautiful. In another round, candidates had to showcase their artistic talents.

The worldwide flight attendants union, CWA (AFA) International, is not too happy about this beauty pageant. Union president Sara Nelson said, "We condemn those responsible for this,” and declared that it was a “publicity stunt at the expense of women everywhere.”

But it gets worse. Apparently in China, where there is fierce competition for airline roles, strict criteria and bizarre hazing rituals come with the job.

At Hong Kong Airlines, they have to master kung fu. And at Kunming Airlines, female cabin staff are forced into overhead bins in an initiation process to mark the employees' first 30 to 50 hours of flight service.

Those who tried to avoid participating in the practice were deemed uncooperative and arrogant.

Nice job, if you can get it.

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