Have Kitty Will Travel

Open Jaw

It's a whole new travel niche with unscratched potential: cat travel. Feline forces are at work persuading cat owners to include them as central figures in their travel plans. One such clever Tom named Gandalf has even documented his felonious escapades.

His owner says that his favourite places to visit were the redwood forests and the Grand Canyon. Naturally. Those are ideal cat corners.

“He likes the peace and quiet they offer and the views. He likes to sit and watch the birds and little people in the distance every now and then. The redwoods offered some awesome places to scratch, too," his owner wrote on reddit.

The Siberian cat (who is originally from South Korea) was 1st leash-trained at 8 weeks of age and apparently loves life on the leash. His owners started taking him around their neighborhood and soon, he was coming on all their weekend trips. When they moved back to the U.S., Gandalf did, too. Throughout the year, they documented their travels with Gandalf on Instagram. He is one seriously well-travelled cat.

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