BOM Launches ‘No-Selfie’ Zones After Deaths

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The selfie craze is no longer a joke. As people stare into their cell phones and capture their own images at arm’s length, they are falling off cliffs, down stairs and being gored by animals.

In India’s Mumbai, the death of an 18 yr. old woman, who drowned after she and her 2 companions toppled into the sea while taking a selfie last week, has prompted police to erect prominent selfie warnings at potentially hazardous spots popular with tourists.

Police in the Indian city of Mumbai have identified 15 places where taking selfies “can be dangerous,” the BBC reported.

The incident involving the 3 women falling into the sea received much publicity because a heroic male passer-by jumped in and helped save the other 2 women – only to then be swept away himself to drown. His body was found a day later but the body of the female victim has not been found.

Selfie warnings will be erected on Mumbai’s iconic sea-facing Marine Drive promenade and on popular Girgaum Chowpatty beach, both major tourist attractions, along with other places in the city popular with tourists, including Bandra Bandstand, Sion Fort and Worli Fort.

Last year, authorities imposed a no-selfie zone at a Hindu festival to avoid deadly stampedes. When people stop to take pictures of themselves, it slows down the flow of devotees and bottlenecks form quickly. Stampedes have killed dozens. Signs saying “no selfie zone” stand at Mumbai’s 2 festival sites.

In September a Japanese tourist died at the Taj Mahal in Agra after allegedly slipping down the stairs while taking a selfie.

Internationally, the list of selfie deaths and injuries is growing. In October, a tourist toppled into a geyser while taking a photograph in northern Chile. A month earlier, a Melbourne woman died in Norway after falling from the Troll’s Tongue, a popular tourist attraction in the mountains, while posing for a photo.

A couple of weeks before that, a man was taking a selfie at the annual running of the bulls festival in the Spanish town of Villaseca de la Sagra when a bull rushed up and gored him to death.

In May, a 21 yr. old Singaporean man plunged to his death from a cliff while trying to take a selfie on an island off the coast of Bali. In the same month, a 21 yr. old Moscow woman survived accidentally shooting herself in the head while posing for a selfie with a loaded automatic pistol left on a desk by a security guard.

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