FR Apologizes For “We Don’t Want To Die” Inflight Announcement

FR Apologizes For “We Don’t Want To Die” Inflight Announcement  

Even the most inexperienced flyer knows – you don’t say ‘Hi, Jack!’ at an airport.

Similarly, any flight attendant should be well aware that mentioning the prospect of a crash to pax is verboten.

Someone didn’t get the message at Ryanair. The low-cost giant has apologized after one of its crew members joked, 'we don't want to die' after a flight was delayed due to ice on the wing.

The flight, due to depart GLA for DUB, had already been delayed for several hours when the announcement was made to passengers.

In a video clip, filmed by a passenger and shared on social media, a cabin crew member said that the plane could not take off due to ice on the wing, adding, “we don't want to die.”

FR said it would be speaking to the crew member involved and apologized for the “regrettable comment she made in the heat of the moment.” Perhaps she should stick to the important parts of her duties, like selling scratch lottery cards.

The incident reminds Open Jaw of a domestic SYD-PER flight across a dry Australia on the late Ansett Airlines. During the safety demonstration the male attendant held up a life preserver and said: “You won’t need this today unless we crash into a swimming pool.”

The mostly-Aussie audience just laughed and called for more beer.

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