Drunken Flyer Molests Male Pax In Front Of His Wife

A drunken passenger on a HA flight allegedly molested a male passenger in an adjoining seat – right in front of the victim’s wife – and then went on to expose himself.

The astonishingly brazen assault is alleged to have taken place on a flight from Hawaii to JFK. The New York Post ran the story with the memorable headline: “Drunk perv got trashed, then molested my husband mid-flight.”

According to a federal court complaint, the suspect took an aisle seat on the HA flight and began drinking heavily. He then began touching the chest, groin and belt of the man sitting next to him in the middle seat. The victim’s wife, who was sitting in the window seat, was horrified.

According to the federal court complaint, “the [victim] asked the defendant what he was doing,” only for the suspect to then remove his own trousers and begin masturbating.

“The passenger and his wife both saw the defendant fully exposed, after which the passenger notified the flight crew,” court papers state.

“Two members of the flight crew responded; observed the defendant fully exposed with his pants off and instructed him to put his clothing back on, which the defendant did,” according to the complaint.

The suspect was arrested at the airport, faced court shortly afterwards and was released on USD 25,000 bail.

Because the incident occurred on a domestic flight on a U.S. airline, jurisdiction is clear and the case should be reasonably easy to deal with. Incidents of outrageous behaviour on international flights often pose jurisdictional challenges and airport police have been known to free perpetrators of gross or dangerous acts in flight.

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