Trump Calls Brussels ‘Hellhole,’ Belgians Call Trump ‘A-Hole’

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Brussels has responded with dignified outrage after U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump described the city as a “hellhole.”

“You go to Brussels. I was in Brussels a long time ago -- 20 years ago -- so beautiful, everything’s so beautiful. It’s like living in a hellhole right now,” Trump told  Fox.


CBS News reports that Belgians took to social media, posting delightful pictures of their city to show the Republican what he’s missing, using the hashtag #hellhole. Others were less polite, with one person tweeting side-by-side photos of Brussels and Trump, with the former labelled ‘hellhole’ and the latter ‘A-hole.’


The Belgian city has struggled with its public image since the November 15 attacks in Paris, which are  thought to have been partly planned in the city. The district of  Molenbeek made headlines as a supposed hotbed of radical Islam.


Brussels has since launched a PR offensive to dispel negative impressions of the city, with  a January campaign allowing would-be visitors to call random locals and ask what life is like in the city.


The home of frites and moules and chocolate and beer isn’t the first European city Trump has enraged. After he claimed that parts of London were so radicalized that police officers feared for their lives, London’s police force said he “could not be more wrong.” U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron also criticized his comments.


One American commenter to the CBS News story on the issue attempted to reassure Europeans: “Don't worry, Europe. We will not let this madman be President. I speak for all of the sane people in the USA.” 

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