Getaway Car Sits In Airport Lot For 2 Years

Open Jaw

Now that’s a long-term airport parking lot.

A Honda Accord linked to a Colombian crime ring responsible for major jewellery thefts in New Zealand has been sitting abandoned in a long-term lot at Wellington Airport for at least two years and possibly longer.

It has clocked up more than NZD 5000 in parking fees – money unlikely ever to be collected.

Residents of the city were startled to learn of the ultra-long park yesterday morning in the city’s Dominion Post newspaper.

The car is reportedly linked to major jewellery thefts in 2011, when an international crime syndicate netted more than NZD 770,000 worth of jewellery, using stolen vehicles. The gang robbed Australian and Asian gem dealers who were in New Zealand to buy and sell jewellery. Five Colombians were caught and jailed.

The airport would not confirm how long the car had been left in its long-term car park, the paper said. Records reveal its registration was cancelled in June 2013, while its last odometer reading was in March 2011.

Mystery surrounds who drove the car to the airport – or how the vehicle was overlooked for so long.

The airport’s current long-term rates are NZD 120 for nine days, then NZD 5 for each day after that. Canadians used to parking at airports in cities like Toronto and Vancouver will find those rates a tremendous bargain. But the bargain pricing clearly doesn’t come with a lot of supervision.

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