Sit Where You Like: PR Q400 Carries Just One Pax

Open Jaw

Open Jaw once flew from Cairo to Luxor on a brand-new EgyptAir 767, with just 2 pax on board. The ratio of flight attendants to pax on that flight was 2 to 1 – and the service was excellent.

But Alex Simon has done us one better. He was the only passenger on a Q400 travelling a domestic PR route between Manila and the resort island of Boracay.

Simon was so delighted that he made a video to commemorate the occasion.

A 28 yr. old Austrian, Simon is an avid travel blogger who loads clips of his trips on YouTube under the Diary of Alex banner. Finding he had a private jet - with 2 pilots and 2 flight attendants - for the price of a single ticket, he shot plenty of footage, which has now received over 1 million views.

One flight attendant told Simon “you can sit anywhere, because you’re the only passenger.”

It may make for jolly viewing and bring a dash of good publicity, but load factors like that would have any airline’s financial chiefs chewing their nails. Hopefully the plane carried more pax on the return flight.

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