Piers Morgan To Agents: “Stop Being So Damn Greedy”

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Former CNN presenter Piers Morgan told U.K. travel agents to “stop being so damn greedy” in the wake of a tough interview with the spokesman for the Association of British Travel Agents. The subject was high prices for school break holidays, something most Canadians accept as a normal, if annoying, product of supply and demand.

During an interview on morning television show Good Morning Britain, ABTA spokesman Sean Tipton tried to argue that school holidays should be staggered by region to ease the pressure on families, but Morgan dismissed the argument and accused travel companies of being greedy.

Following the interview, agents took to the Facebook forum Travel Gossip to complain about Morgan's approach, saying among other things that he was 'rude,’ a 'disgrace to journalism' - and had totally missed the point.

But Morgan wasn’t backing down. After seeing a report on the agent uproar on U.K. travel news website TravelMole, Morgan responded caustically.

TravelMole tweeted: “Agents furious after Piers Morgan interview.”

Morgan’s response: “Are they? Poor little diddums. Stop being so greedy then and ripping off parents.”

Travel industry members pointed out that the television industry where Morgan works is no stranger to pricing based on demand fluctuations.

"If any industry shouldn't comment about demand led pricing its commercial television," said Paul Connellan in a post to TravelMole. 

"The differential in advertising rates between say Coronation Street and a mid-afternoon show is many many times greater than holiday costs in peak or off peak."

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