Student Faces Possible Expulsion After Renting Dorm On Airbnb

Jack Worth centre, with a couple of supporters

A 19 yr. old U.S. college student is facing disciplinary measures — and possible expulsion —  after he listed his own dorm room on Airbnb.

Jack Worth told that he created the listing so he could earn some extra money while attending expensive local school Emerson College.

“Emerson is a fantastic location,” Worth said. “There’s a high level of interest of travel in this neighbourhood because it’s so centrally located. I saw this as a way to make some money, but also help some people out.”

Three guests took him up on his offer and rented the room through the platform but, instead of filling his own wallet, Worth had to pay a $150 fine after the school forced him to remove the listing. He will not disclose how much he was charging to rent the room during its short-lived appearance on the site.

Worth may be looking at Airbnb listings for himself soon, as he could be dismissed from the college. In a statement to, school officials said that subletting any dorm room or university housing was in violation of the school’s policies, not least because of potential safety and security risks for other students.

Worth’s friends and supporters started a petition, praising him for his “honest, entrepreneurial endeavor.” The petition hasn’t exactly gone viral, with just over 500 ‘signatures,’ and a mix of comments on the petition’s page range from high praise to low insult.

“Life, liberty and a hardcore entrepreneurial spirit,” wrote one person, while another had a totally different perspective, writing: “Idiot kid should be fined and put in jail. He could have put everyone in his dorm in danger by renting to a rapist or murderer.”

The #FreeJackWorth hashtag on Twitter has been widely ridiculed, with many suggesting supporters should have better things to do with their time. One tweet read: “If you think #FreeJackWorth is a worthwhile cause I question your priorities. Seriously.”

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