The Weirdest Items On Expense Reports In 2015

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The company expense account is a signal of trust and a necessity for road warriors. But not all travellers use expenses as intended.

Some employees just simply don’t understand where the line lies between acceptable and downright crazy expenses — remember the infamous $16 glass of orange juice expensed by a Canadian politician?

Corporate expense reporting and management company Certify has compiled a list of the craziest expense account submissions after hearing from 450 business travellers. They’re not naming names, but the list is made up of attempts both reviewed and submitted by the respondents. 

A case of beer for dinner? Nice try, pal!

Here are the entire top 10:

  • 35 large pepperoni pizzas for stranded customers. Cost? $450. Approved? No.
  • Towed vehicle. Parked illegally due to importance of appointment. Cost? $150. Approved? Yes.
  • Separate room for garlic samples. Salesman couldn’t stand the smell. Cost? $85. Approved? No.
  • Automobile. Purchased with company card instead of renting. Cost? $17,000. Approved? No.
  • Drinks for spouses to keep them calm and occupied. Cost? $80. Approved? No.
  • Massages. Cost? $200. Approved? No.
  • Medicinal herbs in California. Cost? $35. Approved? Surprisingly, Yes!
  • Shotgun given as a gift to customer. Cost? $400. Approved? Yes!
  • Case of beer submitted as meal expense. Cost? $15. Approved? No.
  • Adult entertainment. Customer request. Cost? $1,000. Approved? No.

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