Airline Books Delayed Pax Into S&M Hotel

Open Jaw

Two single Chinese women got more than they bargained for when a delayed Chinese airline booked them into a raunchy sex hotel. If the chains and ankle cuffs weren't disturbing enough, the fact that they didn't know each other brought the incident beyond shades of embarrassment. Introductions might have been in order - particularly on Valentine's Day.

According to the Peoples’ Online Daily, the women were to fly from HU from Chongqing to Hangzhou 14FEB when inclement weather delayed their flight.

The airline offered a complimentary overnight at a nearby hotel when weather conditions worsened and their flight could not depart until 1500 hrs. the following day.

The problem was the hotel was a per hour, short stay love hotel that had sex chairs, chains, wrist and ankle cuffs. Was the Holiday Inn all booked up?

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