Wrong Plane, Wrong Airline, Wrong Name – But Pax Allowed To Board

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In these days of intense airport security, this story is a doozy. A female pax at TPE managed to board the wrong plane on the wrong airline under the wrong name and gender.

The incredible security lapse took place as a female passenger, identified only as Ms. Hong, was flying to HKG.

The 1st error was hers, when she accidentally checked in at the CX desk, instead of HX, the airline she was ticketed with.

Incredibly, she was then processed with a boarding pass under a man's identity, who happened to have the same surname (Hong is the 15th most common surname in Taiwan) flying to HKG.

She was then able to board the plane without issue.

The flights had been booked by Ms. Hong's boyfriend, and when he was told she had not boarded the HX flight out of Taiwan, the mix-up came to light. 

Ms. Hong told Apple Daily: “The name on the air ticket wasn't me. Even the sex on the air ticket was not right. This is ridiculous.”

CX and HX worked together to ensure the Taiwanese resident made a safe return trip, and she was afforded the use of CX’s executive lounge.

A spokesperson for CX confirmed the incident, saying how there had been an “error in the check-in procedures.”

'We take this matter seriously and are in the process of securing more information from the relevant teams and reviewing the check-in procedures on that day to ensure that similar incidents will not happen again,' the spokesperson told the SCMP. 

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