Airbnb Renters Discover Corpse In Backyard

Open Jaw

It sounds like the plot of a crime thriller.

A group of friends use Airbnb to rent a 3-storey house in the Paris suburbs. Their plan: to host a weekend party. But before the festivities begin, one of the group takes a walk in the garden – and discovers the decomposing corpse of a murder victim.

A woman’s body, dressed but shoeless, was lying in a shallow grave covered with branches and logs, police said.

The woman has not been identified and police are treating the death as murder. The renters cancelled plans for their Saturday night party after finding the corpse. (If it was a real crime thriller the party would have gone on.)

A nasty surprise to be sure, but it’s more often the owners of Airbnb rentals that get the surprises.

Last November, for example, the owner of a historic California mansion announced she was suing a film production company, alleging that a hardcore porn film producer rented it under an assumed name and made such a disgusting mess that the building had to be decontaminated.

In previous, unrelated incidents of homes being trashed by renters, Airbnb has stepped in quickly, utilizing its USD 1 Million Host Guarantee, which covers a host’s property in the rare event of major damage.

Last year, an Airbnb spokesman pointed out that over 35 million guests had stayed using Airbnb and property damage was extremely rare.

Thankfully, finding a corpse in the garden is also extremely rare.

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