Aussie Man Caught With Cornucopia Of Luggage No-Nos

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Packing List: Steroids – check. Tasers – check. Laser pointers – check. Switchblades – check. Brass knuckles – check. OK, good to go. Or maybe not.

All of the above were found in the baggage of a traveller at DRW, according to the Australian Border Force (ABF).

A 29 yr. old man from the Darwin suburb of Karama has been charged with importing and possessing prohibited goods, hand-held shock devices and steroids. ABF officers at DRW targeted the man for a baggage examination when he arrived on a flight from Bali.

During their search, the officers allegedly uncovered a range of prohibited goods in the man’s bag, including the above-mentioned weapons, laser pointers, automatic knives, knuckle dusters and steroids.

ABF Regional Commander Central, Rachel Houghton, said the seizure was an example of the work ABF was doing to deter, detect and disrupt illegal practices at the border. “People who think they can smuggle weapons and prohibited substances into Australia without consequences should think again,” Commander Houghton said.

“The people who sell these items overseas often market them as harmless toys, but they’re not – they’re potentially very dangerous. If you’re caught trying to import them you could receive hundreds of dollars in fines and even spend time in jail. It’s not worth the risk.”

But how did he get on a plane in Bali with that collection?

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