Doctor Who Helped U2 Pax Made To Pay For KitKat

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A retired doctor who helped treat an ill passenger on an easyJet flight was given a free coffee but asked to pay for an accompanying KitKat.

Former GP Dr. Edward Southall helped a fellow passenger on a flight from LGW to SKG 14JAN.

He believes that his intervention to treat the elderly Greek female pax avoided the airline from having to make a costly emergency landing, the Independent reported.

The doctor later contacted easyJet’s public affairs office to discuss the airline’s policy on recognizing health professionals who volunteer to help pax. He wrote: “I believe my intervention helped avoid an emergency landing. It therefore saved the company thousands of pounds. Was it therefore appropriate or proportionate that I should be offered a free coffee but be asked to pay for the KitKat?”

Southall told the newspaper that his e-mail was ignored.

Eventually U2 customer services responded with an improved reward: 1 free piece of checked luggage, one way, on his next trip - worth around £20.

Dr. Southall asked for the matter to be escalated, but was told: “We adhere to our policy.” Only when he contacted the newspaper did the airline relent.

The carrier said a diversion was unlikely but added: “EasyJet is grateful for the help Dr. Southall provided to our crew and to the many doctors and medical professionals who assist passengers onboard each year. We are sorry we didn’t get this right on this occasion and would like to offer Dr. Southall a free flight as a gesture of goodwill.”

A belated gesture of goodwill to be sure.

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