Bird Strike Destroys Nose Of MS B737

Open Jaw

An Egyptair passenger jet slammed into a bird on approach to LHR recently, leaving a massive dent in the plane’s nose. Pictures of the damage quickly made the rounds of social media.

Photos of the dented B737-800, taken by workers at the airport and posted on Facebook and Twitter, show a large hole-like dent in the front of the plane, as well as blood smears from the bird, which likely got the worst of the encounter.

“A bird impacted and penetrated the nose of the aircraft,” the Aviation Herald reported. “The crew continued for a safe landing on runway 09L.”

The aircraft was unable to depart for its return flight and remained on the ground for about 21 hr. before returning to CAI.

The plane has since been grounded for repairs.

The type of bird involved was not identified but large birds around LHR include grey herons (which fall into the weight range of 1.3 to 1.6 kg) and an increasing number of feral parrots.

The latter is a bit of a surprise. Our only previous experience with British parrots was in a Monty Python sketch – and it was nailed to its perch. An ex-parrot you might say. And if it was a parrot that struck the MS bird, there’s little doubt that it’s an ex-parrot as well.

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