EK Helps Avert Britain’s Cookie Crisis

Open Jaw

For thousands of Brits, teatime has been saved. In a show of tremendous goodwill, 2 EK cargo planes flew to the rescue of the hungry Britons who found themselves without their favourite biscuits. The holds of the planes were filled with 90,000 kg of McVitie’s, Jacob’s and Crawford’s cookies.

The floods that ravaged parts of northeast England in December created an emergency situation which was largely unrecognized until recently: Parts of Britain ran out of cookies.

United Biscuits was forced to halt production at its Cumbria plant, leading to a shortage of a staple of the British diet.

Thankfully, an international effort has saved the day: Earlier this month, EK flew in 2 Boeing 777 cargo planes with 90,000 kg of biscuits to mitigate the disaster.

Britons are extremely grateful and, in the highly unlikely event of flooding in the United Arab Emirates, have vowed to repay the favour.

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