JQ Employee Takes Airport Truck Out For A Snack

Open Jaw

As the snickers commercial goes “You’re not you when you’re hungry”. A Jetstar aircraft engineer took the message to heart when he hijacked an airport tow truck and drove it off the tarmac to a nearby BP station for a snack.

Feeling a little peckish mid-shift, maintenance engineer Raghbir Gill drove the airport vehicle off of AVV to a nearby service station causing numerous safety breaches. The hungry man nearly crushed an apprentice aircraft and leaked oil onto the runway which forced the Japan-bound plane to re-land after takeoff.

The 60 yr. old was fired but fought the case claiming “his actions were hunger-driven.”

Australia’s Fair Work Commission took up his case and has forced the airline to re-hire the famished fella stating that “he did not think about safety regulations, only lunch.”

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