Shrimpstorm: Frenzy Of Greed At 5-Star Hotel Buffet

Open Jaw

The behaviour of Chinese tourists is in the spotlight again as a video circulates on social media showing tourists jostling and shoving in a desperate bid to scoop up as many plates of prawns as possible at a five-star hotel buffet.

According to the caption, the footage was shot at the Pullman Bangkok King Power Hotel in BKK. If true, the behaviour at one of Thailand’s finest properties beggars belief.

One woman is seen stuffing as many prawns as possible onto several plates, then carrying them away stacked in a pile as dozens push and shove behind her. A man beside her uses his plate as a giant scoop, to shovel up as many jumbo shrimp as he can and then dump them onto another plate.

English-language Chinese website Shanghaiist reported that much of the food was left uneaten. The site said hotel staff were shocked at the greedy behaviour.

The 32 sec. video has gathered well over 5 million views on Shanghaiist’s Facebook page, as well as thousands of comments, many expressing disgust. Fellow Chinese said the group’s behaviour appeared “savage.”

A few other observers recalled similar behaviour elsewhere and noted it wasn’t always confined to Chinese. In fact, this reporter’s memory recalls similar (if less dramatic) scenes at travel trade shows in the 1990s. In one incident a woman had lined her purse with a plastic bag and was shovelling in the shellfish.


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