Flaming iPhone Heats Up AS Flight

Open Jaw

In crime novels, inexpensive, untraceable, pay-as-you-go mobile phones are referred to as ‘burner phones.’ A woman on an AS flight last week brought new meaning to the term when her iPhone burst into flames during a flight to Hawaii.

According to KomoNews.com, the AS flight from BLI to Hawaii was en route when Anna Crail’s iPhone 6 burst into flames while she was watching a movie.

“When it started I thought we were going down, and I was like, ‘Oh my god, there's a fire on the plane,’” Crail said.

“All of the sudden there was like 8” flames coming out of my phone. And I flipped it off onto the ground and it got under someone's seat, and the flames were just getting higher and a bunch of people stood up.”

The flight was carrying 163 pax when the fire broke out, but crew members onboard handled the situation quickly by extinguishing the flames.

Unlike the recently banned hoverboards, airlines haven’t been nearly as concerned about fires related to cell phones, but that could change. But can you imagine the response if phones were banned from flying?

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