Pax Mistakes Exit Door For Bathroom, Deploys Slide

Open Jaw

OK, it was her 1st flight, but did she really think the loo would be outdoors?

A passenger flying for the 1st time in China caused a major delay when she thought the exit door was actually the entry to a bathroom. Yep, she opened it, and the evacuation slide inflated.

According to, the unnamed 50 yr. old woman was onboard CZ3456 from Chongqing to Shenzhen on Friday. With the plane fully boarded and beginning takeoff procedures, pax reported hearing a hissing noise.

On further investigation, crew members discovered that the evacuation slide had been inflated. When questioned, the woman admitted to trying to open the door thinking it was another bathroom after she noticed the long line for the 1st lavatory she tried.

The CZ flight crew was forced to evacuate pax from the aircraft while crews closed and returned the evacuation slide to its original position. The resulting delay was several hours.

The 1st time flyer had her boarding pass and passport confiscated by airline officials, and she was not permitted to travel with the rest of the other pax. Instead, she was handed over to police for questioning.

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