Women Suing NK After Being Caught-Up In Inflight Brawl

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Three women caught up in a mid-air brawl on a recent NK flight are suing the carrier for failing to control a group of rowdy pax. 

"I am upset that Spirit Airlines failed to protect us, disregarded our safety, and instead continued to serve the women in front of us alcoholic beverages even though they were clearly intoxicated and behaving aggressively," plaintiff Tykisha Diodato said in a statement. 

Diodato was travelling with friends Lisa Zampella and Danielle Fonda-Thomas from BWI to LAX on the morning(!) of 09MAR when a dispute over loud music escalated into a brawl. 

"The flight attendants failed to take control of the situation before it got to the point where we were physically attacked, humiliated and escorted off the plane as if we were criminals," said Fonda-Thomas during a New York press conference. 

Several other pax filmed the fracas on smartphones and the videos were posted online. 

Prominent attorney Gloria Allred said she wants to take the case to trial and is seeking punitive damages for her clients. 

An NK spokesperson defended the airline’s actions. "The flight had just landed at LAX and the flight attendants were in their jump seats as required by law. When the fight began, our flight attendants immediately moved to break it up. It is not our practice to over-serve alcohol to anyone," Paul Berry said in a statement. 

It may not be any airline’s ‘practice,’ but it definitely happens.

Open Jaw recently watched as an across-the-aisle neighbour on a transatlantic flight went from friendly and polite to legless and finally catatonic, while being served 3 beers and 5 double Bailey’s shots within a couple of hours. When he couldn’t be roused at flight end, a flight attendant shook him and yelled: “What pills did you take? You can’t be this drunk on 2 drinks.”

Damage control anyone?

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