Paris Is Too Dirty For The Japanese; Tour Operators Launch Clean Up

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Japanese travel agents say that the streets of Paris are so dirty that their clients are disgusted. So, several Tokyo-based operators sent  their representatives to Paris on a clean up operation to remove litter from the streets around popular tourist attractions. But, is that really the root of the problem?

Paris is one of the most popular destinations for Japanese tourists but, travel agents have seen the number of tourists dropping and not only due to the recent terrorist attacks.

A Paris city hall spokesperson says they are a bit perplexed by the Japanese operation clean up, “They say they want to make the city cleaner for their own people, who have high standards, but in recent years Paris has actually become one of the cleanest cities in the world.”

The council organized a massive cleanup operation 4 years ago and when members of the council claimed that Paris didn’t win the 2012 Olympics due to its dirty streets. One of the former environment heads, Yves Contassot, said that Paris was “the dog poo capital of the world” by 2001.

The fact that Paris is also considered one of the rudest capitals of the world for tourists may not be helping either.

Japanese tourists say that locals are rude and hostile. They even developed a term called “Paris Syndrome” since many of them have suffered psychiatric issues following their vacations.

Foreign visitors expect to find beautiful streets and romantic people, and they find a dirty city full of rude people. The Japanese embassy created a 24hr. hotline for those suffering from ‘cultural shock’.

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