Is That A Headrest Or A Head Hammock?

Open Jaw

Finding that airline headrest designs leave a lot to be desired – specifically comfort and the ability to actually sleep, as well as delivering a nasty case of bed head - Dutch industrial designer Manon Kühne took matters into his own hands to change up the design quite dramatically.

Manon’s new headrest design features a set of set of wing-like arms on either side so you can slumber without your neighbour catching a glimpse of your slack-mouthed drooling. (no word on whether there is a built-in sound barrier to muffle your snoring and snarfling).

Kühne has named his design "HeadRest" and it was awarded 1st prize at the recent 2016 Crystal Cabin Awards in the University category. The design was Kühne's thesis project, created with help from the Human Factor's and Ergonomics Lab at Zodiac Aerospace. 

Because our noggins are prone to wobbling, HeadRest's arms open up a stretchy, hammock-like which functions like a little head cradle.

No word yet on whether any airlines will be installing HeadRest on their aircraft.  

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