Mom Misses The Boat While Kids Sail Away

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A distraught mother can be seen in YouTube footage looking on in tears as the Norwegian Breakaway sets sail from Nassau with her children on board. One hard-hearted woman’s comment: “You can't blame the ship’s captain for keeping to a schedule.”

There’s a reason cruise pax are instructed to arrive an hour prior to departure from port. The captain would prefer not to leave anyone behind – particularly a mother. Perhaps that’s the reason YouTube viewers offered little sympathy for the distraught mother who can be seen sobbing on the pier while the Norwegian Breakaway pulls further away from her.

The unidentified mother was left behind when the ship set off for the 3-day journey back to its home port in NYC.

Footage recorded by a passenger on board the departing ship shows the tearful woman falling to her knees, clasping her hands and waving her arms at people on board

One woman wrote on YouTube: ‘You are told again and again what time to be back on the boat, generally an hour before the ship leaves port.”

Another: “How they did not stick together as a family boggles my mind. What nitwits.’

It was unclear whether the woman’s children were alone or with another adult as the 4,000 pax ship left the port. One YouTube user who claimed to have been on board wrote that the children’s father was with them on the vessel and was unable to find their mother before the ship left Nassau for New York.

Molly McIntyre, a cruise consultant with, said: 'Some cruise lines do allow children to stay on board without their parents in the kids clubs if the parents want to go ashore without them. Personally as a mother of 4, I do use the kids club but would never leave them on board alone.’

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