Oh Those Wacky Travel Complaints

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You can’t please everyone all the time, but some people are much more difficult than others. Here are some recent examples of complaints collected by Pristine Agency, a U.S.-based wholesale travel provider.

  • A travel agent called his clients to make sure they had a great trip, but the wife was too upset to talk so she gave the phone to her also-furious husband. The agent asked what the problem was. The man responded that the couple had been assured that on the flight, he would have the aisle seat and his wife would have the window. But on both legs of the journey, the seat assignments were reversed. When asked why they didn't swap seats, the customers hung up.
  • An engaged couple was angry with a hotel for not giving them a room with 2 double beds as requested. The couple claimed that the hotel was now responsible for the woman's pregnancy since they were forced to share one queen-sized bed. The couple said that she never would have become pregnant if they hadn't been forced to share a bed. A refund was requested.
  • A traveller reported being kept awake by a loud buzzing noise coming from the air conditioning unit. He requested a new room. The new room had the same issue, but this time when another room change was requested, it was discovered the buzzing was coming from the man's electric toothbrush.
  • A mother of a young Polish girl was distraught upon discovering her daughter became pregnant while on vacation at an Egyptian resort. The mother called to complain to the hotel swearing that the girl had not had sex, and insisting that the pool's "dirty" water was the cause and that the hotel was responsible.
  • A woman took her first cruise ever on a Celebrity ship but was so unhappy she requested a full refund. The problem: there were no stars or celebrities on board.
  • And finally there is the disappointed man who sent a complaint to Walt Disney World claiming that it was "too touristy."

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