Bums In Seats: LON Eagerly Awaits Clothing-Optional Resto

Open Jaw

Nudity will not be obligatory at The Bunyadi, but it is encouraged. Modest patrons can choose to change into a robe before dining inside the clothing-optional eatery.

The Bunyadi is generating lots of attention for British tourism, despite the fact that 2016 has featured milestones like the Queen’s 90th birthday, the recent visit of U.S. President Barack Obama and the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.

The man behind the concept, London restaurateur Seb Lyall, says he eats his breakfast bare-bottomed each morning as long as he’s not cooking with hot oil, the Washington Post reports. A wise man, we say. About the oil part anyway.

Lyall describes naked dining as liberating.

The restaurant says it will shun artificial colours or chemicals and refuse to let gas, metal or plastic in the kitchen – or electric lights, smartphones and clothing in the dining area.

Lyall says it is natural to strip naked before dining, although discreetly placed bamboo and wicker partitions will give nude diners some privacy if they desire it.

Photography is banned and waiters will wear “minimal covering for hygienic purposes.” A 5 course meal will cost somewhere north of $100, but you won’t have to loosen your belt.

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