Did You Pack These Eyeballs Yourself, Sir?

Open Jaw

For many of us, clothes and toiletries are the main contents of our luggage when we travel. But some people pack the strangest things. Here are a few examples from over the years.

  1. In 2007, 10 human eyeballs in a jam jar were confiscated at STN.
  2. A woman at STO was found with 75 snakes wriggling around in her bra!
  3. A 17 yr. old wore his pet chameleon as a hat from DXB to MAN – and would have gotten away with it if a fellow passenger hadn’t taken a photo.
  4. A man at LAX was found with 4 rare tropical birds in his suitcase and 2 slow loris pygmy monkeys in his pants!
  5. In 2012, a German couple returned from a trip to Peru with tarantulas stored in plastic tubs and tubes inside their clothing.
  6. In 2013, a man travelling from Burkina Faso tried to enter the U.K. through LGW with tens of thousands of dried insects in his carryon.
  7. An African prince was found with £163,000 worth of cocaine stored in hollowed-out onions at LHR.
  8. Freddy Kruger-style claws were discovered in a passenger’s luggage at Coventry Airport, and in another case, claws resembling those of X-Men character Wolverine were found.
  9. A stuffed armadillo toting a gun was sent from Texas to Australia as a gift, but breached wildlife importation laws.
  10. In 2008, a 3,000 yr. old Egyptian sarcophagus – which had been stolen more than 100 years previously - was found in a shipment from Spain.
  11. A woman was discovered at Melbourne Airport, Australia in 2005 wearing an apron of plastic bags filled with 51 tropical fish she was trying to transport.
  12. A couple travelling from the UAE didn’t have a visa for their baby, so tried to smuggle him onto the plane in a carry-on bag.
  13. An individual was found trying to travel with a samurai sword on a plane leaving BOS.
  14. A female pax’s lipstick turned out to be a cleverly disguised stun gun.
  15. A man was stopped at LGW for carrying a bag of dried caterpillars which he claimed were for personal consumption.
  16. At SEA, someone thought it’d be wise to pack a grenade launcher. Who would notice?


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