Pax Are Saying Some Nasty Things About Flight Attendants

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If there’s one thing the Internet and social media have taught us, it’s that people can be downright nasty, especially when acting under the coward’s cloak of anonymity.

Another reminder of this fact comes from U.S. airline Delta, which recently launched a new survey program called Delta Pulse, which allows its guests to submit real-time feedback about their travel experience.

Employees can then log onto Delta Pulse feedback and sift through what customers had to say.

It sounds good in principle – a little constructive criticism never hurts, nor does the odd pit of praise.

However, when DL flight attendants logged into the program they found several offensive and hateful comments that went well beyond critiquing their customer service.

Several distasteful comments were posted about their relative attractiveness, weight and in some cases, even their sexual orientation.

Here’s a sampling: 

  • "Ugliest flight attendant I’ve ever had, but she was sweet.”
  • "The aisles are too narrow on your planes and my elbows kept getting bumped by the pudgy flight attendant who couldn’t control the movement of her ass.”
  • "You have too many old, worn out and overweight flight attendants on this flight. There are also a few who are clearly “alternative lifestyle”. It sure makes flying Delta less enjoyable.” 

Flight attendant website Savvy Stews characterizes some of the comments as bullying, and you can’t argue with that.

According to Nahrain John, who writes for Australian travel trade website KarryOn, DL is now tweaking the system so filters will prevent guests from leaving inappropriate comments.

But she asks a good question: “Is this type of feedback useful or just plain ridiculous?”

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