Naked Hotel Guest Sleepwalks Through MAN

Open Jaw

Here’s a small piece of advice offered at no charge: if you tend to sleepwalk, you might want to wear pyjamas, especially when staying at a hotel.

There’s a story behind that advice, of course. A man staying at a hotel in MAN got up, left his room and hit the streets at 4 a.m., as naked as the day he was born.

The man reportedly tried to hail a taxi, but thankfully, police were soon on the scene and able to lend him some modesty and warmth in the form of jackets as they escorted him back through the chilly city.

"Officers attended and established that the person had been sleeping with no clothes on in a nearby hotel, and had sleepwalked out onto the street," a police source told the Manchester Evening News.

The source said that once they'd established the man was a genuine sleepwalker and not taking part in a prank, officers stepped in to help. "Officers lent the person their jackets to protect what remained of their modesty and accompanied them back to the hotel."

Police Inspector Phil Spurgeon told the newspaper that the sleepwalker saw the funny side of the incident and tried to get a selfie with the officers.

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