People Over Profit Airline Start Up Seeks Crowdfunding

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The airline industry is a notoriously risky venture for newbies, so perhaps a new funding model is needed.

Start up carrier POP Airline has launched a “rewards-based crowdfunding campaign”, with the aim of launching flights between the U.K. and India.

Standing for “People Over Profit”, POP says it will give a minimum of 51% of its profits to charitable causes in the communities it serves in both countries.

The carrier is initially targeting non-stop routes between STN and 2 Indian cities – ATQ and AMD.

POP is aiming to raise £5 million to cover the airline’s 1st year of operations, and has opened a crowdfunding campaign at

Donors can purchase POP Gold Passes for £500, with the first 10,000 benefiting from a free off-peak return ticket on a POP flight. In addition, they will receive the following benefits for the 1st 5 years when flying with POP:

  • extra luggage (a 3rd 23kg suitcase)
  • free and unlimited ticket name changes
  • priority check in/boarding
  • extra leg room seats (when available)
  • complimentary meals
  • free wifi
  • the earliest opportunity to purchase the lowest seat fares when released

The first 7,000 people to buy a Gold Pass will also see a name of their choice printed on the underside of a POP aircraft, which will collectively make up the POP logo.

POP says its vision to provide non-stop flights between the U.K. and secondary cities in the nations of the developing world will “meet the demand of the growing visiting friends and relatives market as well as the expanding leisure-tourism and business sectors, at the same time as improving the lives of the most disadvantaged in the communities that POP will be serving”.

The carrier aims to operate a 378 seat all economy Airbus A330 aircraft, with the launch of thrice-weekly flights to ATQ and AMD “anticipated” for the 4th quarter of this year.

Does it sound like a great investment? We’re not recommending you write them a big cheque – but, we do wish them luck.


Rani Sagoo - June 16, 2016 @ 07:06
The FLYPOP team presented at the High Commission of INDIA - Nehru centre (I attended with a friend who was also cautious at first). But the event was well organised and it was clear the team had invested substantially into their project.

Several MPs and Govt officials attended in support - and Indians can be a tough crowd to win over. Its a win win for those travelling and the charities that have aligned themselves with the initiative. Its easy to throw stones, harder to build something new -nothing costs £1 :) , and these guys seemed passionate about direct flights. I wish them well.

Alan Bowen - June 2, 2016 @ 13:06
This seems highly speculative, the directors themselves appear to have invested £1 each and yet expect others to invest much larger sums. We all know what happens to underfunded airlines, a flight to Greece anyone?

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