Bizarre Opening Ceremonies For Switzerland’s Tunnel Leave Viewers Baffled

Open Jaw

If you are a fan of partially naked clog dancers, horned beasts and yodelling, you would have had a great time at Switzerland’s official opening ceremonies for the world’s longest tunnel in the world.

To commemorate the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel that spans over 57 km linking Switzerland to Italy, the country staged an extravagantly bizarre performance featuring jumpsuit-clad clog dancers, horse-drawn carriages, yodelling, goats and flying beasts.

Reportedly the train ride will take only 20 min. and reach speeds of 250 km/hr. – perhaps necessary to escape giant freaky flying things.

While immediate reaction to the official ceremonies was more shock than awe, one Swiss official’s reaction was, “So much praise is almost embarrassing for us! Joy, pride and tears – this day will never be forgotten.”  

For more crazy pics and details, check out the Daily Mail's coverage here:


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