One For The Underdog As Travel Agency Trumps The Donald

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A small U.S. travel agency continues to market under the name Trump Travel, over 25 years after billionaire Donald Trump tried to force a name change with a lawsuit.

Back in 1989, the property developer sued travel agent Claudia Rabin-Manning and her father over the name of their agency, Trump Travel & Tours, the New York Daily News has reported.

The small travel agency in Long Island, New York, had existed since 1985 and its name derived from the original owners’ love of the card game bridge, which uses the terms trump and notrump.

Rabin-Manning told the paper it cost her almost USD 10,000 to defend herself against the might of Trump.

Trump, who was pursuing development projects at the time, sued Rabin-Manning over claimed trademark infringement, alleging her agency was using the name “to deceive the purchasing public into believing its services are authorized or endorsed by Trump.”

Rabin-Manning’s lawyer pointed out that ‘Trump’ is a common word in the English language, meaning “a suit any of whose cards outrank all other cards for the duration of a hand.”

“We ended up keeping the name, but I had to pay all that and go through all that aggravation and trouble and worry,” Rabin-Manning told the New York Daily News.

At the end of her legal tussle with the bombastic billionaire, which was settled out-of-court, Rabin-Manning is still trading as Trump Travel, but her agency’s sign, business cards and website must bear the words “Not affiliated with Donald J. Trump or the Trump Organization.”

Rabin-Manning says she has no problem letting the world know she has nothing to do with Donald Trump.

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