Travel Magazine Owner Invites Trump To Middle East

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Travel is the best cure for ignorance, so the owner of U.S.-based travel magazine AFAR has offered to take Donald Trump on a tour of the Middle East, where he could meet some of the Muslims he would like to ban from entering the country.

AFAR Cofounder Greg Sullivan says his invitation was "in response to Mr. Trump's call to ban Muslims from entering the United States." Sullivan says he wants Trump to "join him to witness Muslim cultures firsthand - on an all-expense paid trip with AFAR."

In the letter, published on the magazine's website, Sullivan said: "I'd like to invite you on a trip. As the CEO of AFAR, a travel media company, I've had the chance to visit the Middle East several times over the past few months. At AFAR, we are big believers in experiencing a place and meeting the locals as a way of increasing our understanding. I just came back from a week in Tehran and it was fascinating."

The letter continues: "Throughout the MENA region, I've had the chance to meet many interesting people. Some of them are entrepreneurs, businesspeople like you and me. Others are professors, students, and artists. And, yes, most of them are Muslim. When I heard about your proposals to keep Muslims out of the United States, my thoughts turned to the people I'd gotten to know. I thought you really should meet these folks and see how they live. I'd love to introduce you to them."

Sullivan suggests a week-long trip, although he knows it’s a bit of a longshot in the middle of a tumultuous election campaign.

"Ideally we would go for a week.  I suggest we start in Cairo, then go to Amman, and end up in Dubai.  I know you are busy, but I really think you would find it worth your while."

Sullivan concludes "What do you say? Are you free to join me on a trip to the Middle East and North Africa? My treat."

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