Pax Says Cruisers ‘Terrified’ As Jet Buzzes Breakaway

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A mysterious high-speed aircraft, reported to be a French “military jet” flying at low altitude, buzzed Norwegian Breakaway as it was on a 7-day round-trip cruise from New York City to Bermuda last month.

“Oh my god!” a passenger can be heard exclaiming on video as the plane hurtles by. The passenger who filmed the clip said the manoeuvre terrified his fellow passengers.

The aircraft that performed the strange fly-pasts on 23JUN and again on 24JUN was identified by Bermuda’s Department of Civil Aviation as a French Air Force Dassault Falcon, according to local news reports.

The plane is clearly not a fighter jet. It appears to be a Dassault Falcon 900 trijet, reportedly used by the French Navy, the US Coast Guard and Federal Express, among others. It’s sometimes used as a military liaison aircraft and more widely as a civilian business jet.

The maker of the video clip, passenger Richard Ogle, wrote: “I have no idea what his intentions were, but I guarantee we all didn’t like it. Whoever was the pilot of the Falcon was either a terrorist who was spying on us, marine training, or a dumbass rich dude who’s showing off his new aircraft,” Ogle said.

“I don’t know what the true answer is but I know that it wasn’t normal and more than likely illegal for anything to be flying that close to a ship, especially 4 times in a row. Either way, nobody was hurt, but most were completely terrified, and I hope everybody is OK.”

You can watch the amazing video here.

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