Homeless Man Leaves US$187,000 In Boston Cab

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If you found US$187,000 in cash, what would you do?

An honest Boston cab driver found a backpack full of bills in the back of his cab last weekend and turned the money in to city police.

The 72-year-old Raymond MacCausland, nicknamed "Buzzy," brought the bundles of cash to Boston police. The money turned out to belong to a homeless man who had just cashed an inheritance, Boston police said.

"That's the way I was brought up. I was told to do the right thing," MacCausland said.

The "upstanding, honest" cab driver of nearly 50 years found the money while searching in the backpack for some form of identification, Boston police said.

About a mile into the trip, the passenger asked the cab driver to stop the car and wait outside a motel for five minutes, MacCausland said.

Half an hour passed, and the driver became concerned. He entered the motel and asked the front desk about the man, but the workers claimed to have never seen him, MacCausland said. He returned to his cab and found the bag and the cash.

Boston police were able to contact the motel and find the man, verifying that the money was his, said Boston police Officer Rachel McGuire. The man had just cashed his inheritance and had a receipt to prove it, McGuire said.

"This hackney driver exhibited exemplary behaviour and his honest deed should be recognized," Police Commissioner William Evans said in a statement.

MacCausland wasn’t too impressed with the response of the owner of the cash.

When Boston police asked the man whether he would like to reward MacCausland, he gave the driver a $100 bill, MacCausland said. "I get that much for returning a lost wallet."

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