Helicopter Delivers 100 Wrong-Sized Mattresses To Mountain Hotel

Open Jaw

Over a hundred mattresses delivered by helicopter to an Austrian hotel 3,000 metres above sea level had to be sent back down the mountain after it turned out they were the wrong size.

Nearly two tons of the wrong-sized mattresses had to be flown back after being delivered to the Oberwalderhütte located in the mountains of Carinthia.

It took eight helicopter trips from the valley to deliver all 120 mattresses to the hotel in the Glockner mountain range. The hotel is only accessible by helicopter or on foot.

Once delivered the staff tried placing the mattresses on the bed frames and quickly realized that they were t10 centimetres too wide. The mattresses had a width of 90 cm instead of the required 80 cm needed for the bed frames and were therefore useless.

Media reports suggest that the Alpine Association, which the hotel belongs to, sent the wrong size to the company that was delivering the mattresses. Since the hut can only be reached on foot or by helicopter, and there was no storage area big enough to store the extra mattresses, they had to be returned.

This meant that the eight flights, which had brought the mattresses up on the mountain, had to be repeated to bring them back down to the valley.

A group of mountain rescuers, who were doing their training at the hotel, had to help load the mattresses back onto the helicopters.

The correct mattresses will not arrive at the hotel until fall. That means that this summer’s guests at the hotel will still have to sleep on the old ones. 

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