We’re Back! BA Pax Endure 12 Hr. Flight To Nowhere

Open Jaw

Something caused a BA flight to turn around 6 hr. into its journey from LHR to NRT, but it’s not clear what.

Variously described in press reports as a “minor technical fault” or possibly a “wrong flight plan”, it caused the long-haul international flight to turn back over halfway through, with pax spending 12 hr. in the air and ending up where they started.

After flying just shy of 10,000 km, the aircraft, a B777-300, turned back. It took off at noon on Thursday last week and landed back in London at midnight – an hour after it was due to land in Japan.

The Aviation Herald reported that a passenger said the crew announced a wrong flight plan had been filed.

Passenger Scott Eaton tweeted: “Easily #worstflightever London-Tokyo 12 hrs flying but landed where we started! Wrong flight plan. @British_Airways.”

The plane had reached northern Siberia when it turned around. Pax were given overnight accommodation near LHR before catching the same flight, BA7, the next day.

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