Have A Ball At This Serbian Food Festival

Open Jaw

The world testicle cooking championship (and perhaps the only) is held each year in the village of Lipovica in Serbia.

The challenge this year is to make the best balls-goulash, with testicles from rams, calves, bulls, donkeys, horses, roosters, sharks and more. The purported reward, as with so many strange eating practices, is great virility for men and an aphrodisiac effect on women.

Some say the organs should be diced into tiny pieces and marinated before simmering, while others prefer to cook them whole, but one piece of wisdom is widespread, if they’re not cut diagonally then they’ll lose their aphrodisiac effect.

At the end of the culinary experience a contest selects the global personality with the biggest balls.  U.S. President Barack Obama won in 2010 and this year Donald Trump is in the running.

If you’re ready to plan flights, the event date is 2SEPT.

Who wants to head to Serbia for the ball eating festival on 2 September 2016?

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