Automated E-Mails Add Insult To Injury After U.K. OTA Failure

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A Lowcost Holidays customer received an e-mail from the online travel agency 2 days after the company folded.

Not long after learning that the £2,200 she had paid to take her 6 yr. old daughter and mother on holiday had gone up in smoke, Victoria Leonard received an automated e-mail asking ‘How did we do?’

Not so well, actually, especially considering that a bankruptcy administrator estimates that the thousands of victims of Lowcost Holidays’ failure will receive an average of £7.50. 

The e-mail read: “Hi Victoria, Thanks for booking with lowcostholidays. We’d love to hear your feedback about your booking experience, so we’re giving you the chance to WIN a £100 lowcostholidays voucher if you share it with us!”

Leonard told The Sun: “I booked the hotel at 9.30 p.m. on Thursday night and received confirmation saying thank you, your holiday is booked and found out they’d gone bust just hours later on the Friday afternoon.

“I thought ‘how can they take the full amount for that holiday the night before they’ve gone into administration?’ I don’t know how it all works but surely somebody knew somewhere that this would have been happening. I felt scammed, I’m sorry but they must have known something was happening.”

An estimated 140,000 customers were impacted by the company’s failure, which it blamed on turbulence caused by Brexit and the plunging pound.

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