UA Suspends Pilot Who Called For Hillary Clinton’s Public Hanging

Open Jaw

The level of public discourse in the U.S. is hitting new lows.

UA has suspended a pilot for using social media to call for the public hanging of Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The airline said it was 'appalled by the threatening comments' of Michael Folk, who is also a Republican member of the West Virginia House of Delegates.

After the FBI decided not to charge Clinton over her private e-mail server, Folk posted on Twitter that Clinton should be prosecuted for treason and 'hung on the mall in Washington, DC.'  He has since deleted the Tweet and said the message should not have been taken literally.

"It could have been said a little bit better. I regret the tone, and the 2nd part of that tweet. The biggest misconception is that for some reason, everybody thinks I made a death threat, which I did not. Clearly it was not that," Folk told the AP.

Really? That’s not clear at all.

"This pilot has been removed from flying pending our investigation," United Continental said in a tweet.

The Democratic Coalition Against Trump, which numbers more than 20,000 members, has called for a boycott of United Airlines until it takes decisive action against Folk. So at least there shouldn’t be as many idiots on upcoming UA fights.

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