On Your Left! Whale Watching Tourists Miss Big Show

Open Jaw

A boat load of whale watchers missed a humpback's spectacular show because they were looking the other way as the huge animal launched itself out of the water.

"Everyone on that boat is looking the wrong way, hehe," read a Facebook post by Australian tour operator Whale Watching Sydney.

Not everybody was caught off guard, however. An alert photographer identified as a regular Whale Watching Sydney customer named J.P Goodridge took the spectacular photo you see here. He was on a nearby whale watching boat when he caught what the others missed.

Whales migrate north up to Australia's eastern coast between April and August. The unlucky tourists who missed the big humpback breach likely saw other fine sights. The whales are so plentiful that Whale Watching Sydney offers a full refund in the ‘unlikely event’ there are no sightings.

Goodridge’s photo was great publicity for Sydney whale watching – it made the cover of the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph.

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