Enterprise Rent-A-Car Staffer’s Act Of Kindness Goes Viral

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Our Deviations choices for today included the now ubiquitous tale of a bunch of drunken louts on a plane forcing an off-route diversion or a story about a mountain goat in Alaska so harassed by photo-taking tourists that it leaped from rocks into the ocean and drowned.

But we could all use a little good news, right?

That’s why we chose a story about a photo of an Enterprise Rent-A-Car employee that has gone viral for all the right reasons.  

According to Fox59.com, Tulsa-area Enterprise employee John Goodlett was assisting a customer named Coty Vincent after her car was damaged in a hit-and-run accident. Vincent is the mother of twin boys and had them with her at the counter.

As Goodlett and Vincent began working out the details of the rental, it became clear that the mother was struggling with the paper work while also keeping an eye on both of her kids. Goodlett helped by picking up one of her children and holding him while continuing to assist Vincent in getting a rental vehicle. 

“He’s also a twin and his twin sister is his best friend,” Vincent said about Goodlett in a Facebook post. “While he helped me with my rental due to a hit and run accident, he held one of my twin sons as I don’t have a double stroller. One of the most compassionate and caring people I’ve ever met. We need more people like John who go that extra step.”

In response to the viral buzz around the story, Enterprise made a donation on behalf of Goodlett to the local Boys & Girls Club where he spent time as a child. In addition, the car rental company bought Vincent a double stroller.

“To see it come out this far and still be making noise, and making waves, it’s something you’ve got to be grateful for and take as a blessing,” Goodlett told CNN affiliate KJRH.

It was a small kindness really. The reaction to it reveals how much people want (need) to hear good stories in a time of division and fear.

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