Passenger Tears Hole In Ceiling Of Plane Looking For Bin Space

Open Jaw

A Cathay Pacific flight to Bangkok was delayed for more than 3 hr. after a passenger accidentally tore off part of the ceiling while trying to stow his luggage.

The man reportedly pulled down the ceiling panel as he thought it was an overhead luggage compartment. Flight attendants had told the passenger they would store his bag elsewhere, but he became impatient and ripped the roof open with his bare hands, “determined to find the space for his luggage”, a report of the incident stated.

To be fair, the panel looked like a luggage compartment but was not marked as inoperable. The area behind the panel was revealed to be empty – which hardly seems fair in this day and age of overstuffed and much sought after onboard storage space.  

Photographs from the plane revealed significant damage to the interior of the aircraft with part of the ceiling hanging down over the seats below it, exposing an empty space. But, engineers were able to repair the part and the flight, including the embarrassed passenger, was able to continue as normal after the delay.

With all of the angst, inconvenience and delays caused by pax trying to carry on as much luggage as possible – or even impossible – perhaps it’s time to consider improving everyone’s experience as well as on time performance by banning overhead bins altogether as suggested by Kenneth Kidd in his Toronto Star commentary today -


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