Dead Man Flying: MT Apologizes After Bizarre Refund Battle MT

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When an airline says a pax was on one of its flights while the passenger’s family says he was lying dead in the morgue at the time, one of them is certainly wrong.

In this case, it seems that it was Thomas Cook Airlines that made an embarrassing mistake, after insisting that the dead man in question caught one of its flights and flew to his destination.

When the man’s grieving widow tried to claim a refund for the holiday her husband never took, the airline insisted her husband had boarded his flight and flown off to Spain, as booked. Accordingly, the airline refused to issue a refund.

The MailOnline related how the widow, who lives in Newcastle, had booked a holiday to Mallorca with her 12 yr. old son and husband. When the husband fell seriously ill with liver disease, MT initially refused a refund because its insurance policy didn’t cover the illness.

The airline eventually relented, only for things to go badly wrong. After the husband died, the carrier sent the widow an e-mail insisting that her husband had travelled to Mallorca on 21MAY after all, but had been refused entry by border control authorities. Thus the airline could not pay out.

The husband had in fact died one week earlier, on 14MAY. “They said he was on a flight when he was lying dead in a morgue,” the anguished woman told MailOnline. “It was like some kind of sick joke.”

MT has since apologised and forwarded a voucher to the value of £1348 to cover the refund.

The widow says she plans to fly with Thomas Cook next year to make use of the voucher, but says “after that I am done.”

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